Store Contracts Intelligently

Search through millions of contracts to find precise answers in seconds. Sirion’s Single Extraction Agent (SEA™) organizes all of your business’s contracts in a unified, intelligent repository, turning them into interactive sources of business data.  


Faster contract migration


Contract attributes auto-extracted


Faster contract searches

“Sirion made it easy and fast to centralize 30,000 contracts from multiple systems and start tracking more than 100 custom data points, giving us the visibility we needed across the bank’s entire supplier base.”

– Joseph Classen, Head of Enterprise Sourcing Operations
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Contract Extraction

Connect with legacy systems across your enterprise. Use Sirion SEA to ingest past and present business agreements, and transform them into strategic intelligence assets.

Feature Highlights

  • Ingest every contract from any source – ERP, P2P, CRM – using out-of-the-box integration connectors.
  • Identify and track metadata, obligations, clauses, service level agreements, and pricing tables with industry-specific AI models.
  • Automatically establish parent-child relationships between documents.
  • Group and tag documents based on context.
  • Analyze data points specific to your business with easy-to-train, custom AI models.

Key Statistics

  • 600+ fields extracted
  • 15+ languages supported
  • 1M+ documents processed per day
  • 80% faster contract digitization

Intelligent Repository

Extend your line of sight. Organize your contracts in a secure repository that provides a complete audit trail of communications, edits, and more for every agreement.

Feature Highlights

  • Get complete visibility into every agreement, including relationships between agreements.
  • Prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data.
  • Stay on top of key dates and business opportunities with role-based dashboards and AI reminders.

Key Statistics

  • 80% less time spent on searches for contract documents 
  • 70% less time to setup a structured contract repository

Conversational Search

Get the answers you need, at your fingertips. Sirion helps you search your entire repository at once and gives you fast, accurate, plain-language answers to complex legal questions.

Feature Highlights

  • Use plain-language questions to find answers from across your repository.
  • Generate a comprehensive risk profile of your entire contract portfolio.
  • Get answers tailored to the work you need to do.
  • See citations to validate AI-generated answers.
  • Discover deeper insights using AI-recommended follow-up questions.
  • Get accurate calculations of rebates, discounts, and more.
  • Fine-tune Sirion’s AI to your needs by giving it feedback through the same conversational interface.

Key Statistics

  • 90% faster searches
  • 80% faster time to action on AI insights

Experience a 60% faster contract review cycle