Fine-Tune Your Contracting Operations

Keep the in-house legal team running with the precision of a Swiss watch. Centralize, standardize, and optimize your contracting operations so counsel can focus on the “what” and “why” of business agreements instead of worrying about the “how.”

Challenge & Solution Summary


I Didn’t Go to Law School for This

We’ve all heard the stories and seen the memes. In-house lawyers are tired of being branded as the office of “no” – or worse yet, people expecting you to rubber-stamp contracts that aren’t good. But how do you get past those labels without exposing your business to unnecessary risks? And when do you actually get to do that thing you learned about in law school: thinking like a lawyer?

Focus on What’s Most Important With a Smarter Contract Ecosystem

Maximize the value Legal provides to the enterprise
You deserve recognition for the value you create. Get it by delivering paradigm-shifting insights and initiatives that power the business forward.

Your hiring budget isn’t getting any bigger – but you don’t need it to. When you have a CLM platform that lets you operate at scale, the legal pros on your team today can get even the most massive contracting jobs done.

“As part of our contract digitization program, we didn’t want to stop at just putting our contracts in the cloud. We wanted complete visibility and control over the deliverables and obligations in our contracts. We found the perfect answer in Sirion.”

Sabih Rozales, Principal Commercial Contract Manager

“All our contracts are established and maintained in Sirion, a fit-for-purpose CLM solution. Today, we manage all our regulatory requirements, adapt smartly to banking changes and leverage rich insights for real-time reporting, through Sirion.”

Edzard Janssen, Chief Procurement Officer

“Some of the biggest highlights of working with Sirion for me have been watching how the technology has changed over time. And how it gets better and better every single time new functionality is released.”

Jaclyn Schuler, Director of Contract Lifecycle Management

“Sirion’s industry-leading AI technology offers significant advances giving instant access to critical data, automating non-value-added tasks, and driving behaviors that result in better contracting outcomes with third-party relationships.”

Toby Yu, Contract Management Services Leader

Feature Benefits Summary

Never hunt down another missing agreement. Create a single source of contracting truth for the entire enterprise so you always know where to find the information you need about your business deals.

Know where all your contracts are

Pop quiz about what’s on page 117 of contract #13940275 got you stumped? Our AI finds the answers you need right away.

Know what’s in all your contracts

Eliminate rogue contracts and reduce contract turnaround times with customizable workflows, access control, and document version control. Ensure that everyone is on the same page – literally.

Keep negotiations running smooth as butter

Automated dashboards and reporting make it easy to provide actionable business insights to executives, on demand.

Answer the most important questions

Seamless integrations and intuitive collaboration tools help you better serve stakeholders in sales, procurement, finance, and beyond.

Be a trusted business partner