ProcureCon Australia 2023 | Australia

ProcureCon Australia, the flagship event for senior procurement professionals from Australia and New Zealand to benchmark their strategies, is happening on May 24th and 25th in Sydney. This is ProcureCon’s first summit in Australia and we are glad to be a proud sponsor at the event.

If you are in the procurement space and have been thinking about charting the best digital transformation journey, booth#4 should be in your radar. Explore the power of AI and contract management which can help you take your procurement teams and strategies to the next level. Also expect lots of inspirational keynotes, small-group interactive learning, fun networking sessions and hundreds of peers to connect with, all packed into 2 powerful days of procurement excellence.

Join Sirion at ProcureCon Australia to:

    • Connect with fellow procurement experts and share strategies 
    • Listen to industry leaders and speakers from leading companies 
    • Get relevant industry insights and access the best-fit solutions

Also, do check out booth#4 to get all the latest best practices and hear success stories of companies which can help you in your digital transformation journey. If procurement tech and innovation is in your mind, we would love to talk. Simply send an email to us at

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