Get Your
Money’s Worth

Enjoy complete visibility into all vendor and supplier contract terms across the enterprise so you can negotiate better deals and enforce them. 

Challenges & Solutions

You don’t have an easy way to access existing and past agreements, so you have to renegotiate the same terms from scratch, over and over. On top of that, every vendor uses their own unique template and clause language.

AI Insights

Powerful artificial intelligence makes sense of unfamiliar contract templates and puts real-time data at your fingertips to guide you during negotiations.
It’s difficult to keep track of all the terms you secured so you can enforce them and get what you’re paying for.

Obligation Monitoring

Automated obligation monitoring helps you track vendor performance versus promises and ensure you get exactly what you paid for.
You’re losing money by paying for redundant vendors across different teams and offices, and getting stuck with renewal contracts you don’t want because you missed termination deadlines.

Dashboards & Alerts

See the big picture with dashboards that instantly visualize core data across your entire procurement contract portfolio. Timely alerts give you time to prioritize and prepare for deadlines in advance.

“As part of our contract digitization program, we didn’t want to stop at just putting our contracts in the cloud. We wanted complete visibility and control over the deliverables and obligations in our contracts. We found the perfect answer in Sirion.”

Sabih Rozales, Principal Commercial Contract Manager

“All our contracts are established and maintained in Sirion, a fit-for-purpose CLM solution. Today, we manage all our regulatory requirements, adapt smartly to banking changes and leverage rich insights for real-time reporting, through Sirion.”

Edzard Janssen, Chief Procurement Officer

“Some of the biggest highlights of working with Sirion for me have been watching how the technology has changed over time. And how it gets better and better every single time new functionality is released.”

Jaclyn Schuler, Director of Contract Lifecycle Management

“Sirion’s industry-leading AI technology offers significant advances giving instant access to critical data, automating non-value-added tasks, and driving behaviors that result in better contracting outcomes with third-party relationships.”

Toby Yu, Contract Management Services Leader

See What You Can Do With Sirion

Optimize your negotiation strategy by arming yourself with knowledge of what’s worked in similar situations and what hasn’t. Make every vendor contract as familiar as the back of your hand, so you’re always on your own turf.

Negotiate with confidence

Automate obligation monitoring so you can keep vendors honest and maximize bang for your buck.

Get what you paid for

Consolidate redundant vendor spend across offices and teams, and ensure that you’re never stuck paying for a vendor or supplier you no longer want.

Trim the excess