Fine-Tune Your
Legal Operations

Keep the in-house legal team running with the precision of a Swiss watch. Centralize, standardize, and optimize your contracting operations so counsel can focus on the “what” and “why” of business agreements instead of worrying about the “how.”

Challenges & Solutions

Your organization’s  contracts are spread across hard drives, email inboxes, cloud storage, and even filing cabinets. Just finding one specific document is a chore.

Contract Repository

Centralize all of your contracts in one securely accessible, easily searchable location that integrates with your other business systems.
Even when contracts are in cloud storage, you have to open them one at a time and search for specific text. You have no way to search your entire portfolio at once, locate clause variations, or determine whether something is missing from a document.

AI Insights

Don’t pull your hair out trying to think of every possible text variation. Our powerful AI identifies clauses by their meaning, not by specific text – so it can even tell you when a clause is missing from a document.
Cumbersome contract review, drafting, and approval processes prevent the legal team from operating at scale – and that problem is compounded at the end of every quarter.

Workflow Automation

Tailor contract workflows and templates to your precise needs. Empower business teams to auto-generate contracts with Legal-approved language upon request, then automate the approval process for any edits that come up during negotiation.

“As part of our contract digitization program, we didn’t want to stop at just putting our contracts in the cloud. We wanted complete visibility and control over the deliverables and obligations in our contracts. We found the perfect answer in Sirion.”

Sabih Rozales, Principal Commercial Contract Manager

“All our contracts are established and maintained in Sirion, a fit-for-purpose CLM solution. Today, we manage all our regulatory requirements, adapt smartly to banking changes and leverage rich insights for real-time reporting, through Sirion.”

Edzard Janssen, Chief Procurement Officer

“Some of the biggest highlights of working with Sirion for me have been watching how the technology has changed over time. And how it gets better and better every single time new functionality is released.”

Jaclyn Schuler, Director of Contract Lifecycle Management

“Sirion’s industry-leading AI technology offers significant advances giving instant access to critical data, automating non-value-added tasks, and driving behaviors that result in better contracting outcomes with third-party relationships.”

Toby Yu, Contract Management Services Leader

See What You Can Do With Sirion

Make it easy for the legal team to pull up any and every contract or clause they need, on demand.

Create a single source of contract truth

Turn all of your contracts into interactive sources of valuable data on the company’s business agreements and legal obligations.

Get quick, accurate answers

Minimize contracting delays with customized, self-service request forms and automated approval workflows. Experience a different type of rush at the end of the quarter.

Smash contracting bottlenecks