Manage Contract Value

Stay connected with your customers and suppliers post-signature. Capture the business value promised in your contracts by jointly tracking actual performance outcomes against commitments.


Reduced governance costs


On-time obligation compliance


Reduction in post-signature disputes

“With Sirion’s innovative platform, companies can enjoy far better visibility into contracts and greater control over fulfillment of performance obligations.”

– Ben Tulloch, Managing Director

Contract Performance

No matter how long or complex a contract is, or how many you have in your repository, our Single Extraction Agent (SEA™) helps you track every obligation to keep your customers, suppliers, and legal team on the same page.

Feature Highlights

  • Visually monitor performance against contracted terms for all types of obligations, milestones, deliverables, and policy and regulatory requirements.
  • Trace any given obligation straight to the contract and clause(s) housing it.
  • Automatically validate performance relative to service level agreements.
  • Automate invoice audits against purchase orders, contract terms, and performance data pulled from enterprise resource planning, procure-to-pay, IT service management, and other systems.
  • Identify the financial impact of obligations, including payments and penalties, and automatically match each one to the appropriate invoice line item.

Key Statistics

  • 8-12% reduction in spend leakage
  • 60% lower cost of contract governance
  • 99% on-time obligation compliance
  • 80% faster regulatory reporting

Contract Administration

Work closely with customers and partners to ensure that contract disputes don’t erode your business relationships or the value you've negotiated so hard to secure.

Feature Highlights

  • Create a single, shared view of performance and compliance with all parties to each contract.
  • Run, manage, and track all contract governance meetings and records in one place.
  • Manage issues and tasks organized by obligation, counterparty, or governance forum.
  • Track all claims and disputes on a central platform that brings together buyer and supplier teams.

Key Statistics

  • 80% reduction in post-signature disputes

Contract Optimization

As your enterprise matures, complexity grows – from the size of your template library, to reconciling stacks of contract amendments, to monitoring hundreds of business relationships. Sirion helps you rein in contract management processes and bring order to chaos.

Feature Highlights

  • Conformed contracts: Automatically reconcile every amendment into a single contract so that no obligation, deliverable, or milestone is missed.
  • Template rationalization: Use AI to ingest, analyze, and regenerate your template library in line with your playbook.
  • Smart renewals: Get alerts on upcoming renewals along with contextual AI insights and recommendations to renegotiate better outcomes.

Key Statistics

  • 80% reduction in cost of contract process optimization

Experience a 60% faster contract review cycle

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