How to Build a Generative AI Contracting Strategy

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What’s Inside?

Generative AI transforms contract operations for legal, procurement, sales, and finance teams. Pairing GenAI with the leading CLM platform allows organizations to transcend traditional CLM constraints and gain new efficiencies and insights from their contracts. Once unattainable capabilities are now reality. This guide is for those aiming to maximize the value of their organization’s contracts. 

What You’ll Learn:
  • Enhanced Data and Risk Management – GenAI makes traditional CLM more effective by providing better data access and risk identification.
  • Signs GenAI Will Help – Spot inefficiencies in your current CLM, such as slow contract processing or inadequate risk management.
  • The Keys to Implementation – Key to effective GenAI in CLM are seamless data integrations, advanced risk analytics, and automation.
  • Sirion’s Unique GenAI Approach – See how Sirion uses GenAI to drive revenue, reduce costs, and mitigate contract risk.
  • Future-Proof Your Contracts with AI-Driven CLM – Stay ahead with a system that evolves quickly and safely to maintain competitiveness and adaptability in a dynamic business environment.