GenAI in Contracts: Myths vs. Reality

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What’s Inside?

The buzz around generative AI can be a challenge to navigate, especially when it comes to the role of the contracting process in your organization. Our mini-guide cuts through the noise and gets to the very practical and transformative role of GenAI in Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM). This guide avoids the hype, debunks the myths, and empowers your organization to make an informed decision around GAI.
This guide will enable you to:
  • Rethink Contract Management: Learn how innovative approaches to GenAI will revolutionize how contracts are created, executed, and analyzed.
  • Understand Myth vs. Reality: Clearly distinguish between the myths and facts of GenAI in contract management.
  • Manage Risk and Automate Compliance: How the right approach to GenAI will effectively manage risks and ensure strict compliance.
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: Keep your contract management systems up-to-date with the latest in GenAI advancement.

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