The Connected Enterprise: Leveraging CLM as a Digital Bridge

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Webinar Overview

Watch this webinar to discover how modern CLM technology is helping enterprises connect like never before to streamline collaboration, improve agility, and drive improved business performance. You’ll also learn about issues caused by a fragmented approach to contract management and how to solve them.

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The Connected Enterprise: Leveraging CLM as a Digital Bridge


Paul Branch

Chief Networking Officer, WorldCC

Puneet Bhakri

SVP – Global Alliances & Partnerships, Sirion

The Highlights

Contracts sit at the center of the business. By streamlining the contracting process, organizations can enable a more connected and collaborative interface between enterprise functions, including legal, procurement, finance, sales, IT, etc.

Yet most organizations continue to operate with a siloed, disconnected approach to their contracts. 

In this webinar, we examined how Contract Lifecycle Management is vital to creating a connected and efficient enterprise. Here are the key takeaways.

CLM is the Heart of Enterprise Integration:

CLM stands at the intersection of legal, procurement, and revenue operations, serving as a way to integrate these essential business functions. This simplifies inter-departmental collaboration by creating a centralized platform connecting people, integrating systems and data, and facilitating the flow of intelligence across the enterprise.

Driving Business Value

Effective CLM leads to better business outcomes. Improved contract management offers direct benefits such as cost savings and efficiency gains and contributes to broader societal benefits by fostering better business practices.

Overcoming Fragmentation

A fragmented approach to contract management results in inefficiencies and missed opportunities. CLM technology helps break down these silos by providing a unified platform that offers visibility and control over the entire contract lifecycle, not just a single phase or aspect of the process.

The Role of AI in CLM

AI for CLM enables automated contract creation, negotiation, and compliance tracking. It provides unique insights and automates tedious processes, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

The Future of CLM

With GenAI at the forefront, CLM is moving towards autonomous, touchless contracting. This evolution will further streamline contract management processes, making them more efficient and reducing potential errors.

When it comes to contract management, business teams have often historically “set it and forget it” — but a contract can be a vital source of business insight when managed well.

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