Smarter Contracting: Activating the Digital Enterprise

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Webinar Overview

Watch this webinar to discover how “smarter contracting” is helping organizations manage complexity and increase contract value. By placing AI at the heart of the contracting process, contracts become dynamic sources of intelligence that drive data flows across organizations.

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Smarter Contracting: Activating the Digital Enterprise


Max Lori

Global Head Of The Technology & Data Legal Group, Morgan Stanley

Yuri Hembitski

Head of Sourcing Insights & Digitalization, Novozymes A/S

Tim Cummins

President, WorldCC

Mark Voytek

Chief Customer Officer, Sirion

The Highlights

Contracts have long been viewed primarily as instruments of control and risk management – inert and rigid objects that come to life only when there is failure. Adding AI into the contracting equation is changing this by simplifying complex tasks and unlocking new ways to create value for the enterprise. It’s time for new thinking – contracts as dynamic sources of intelligence that drive data flows across organizations, networks, and ecosystems.  

Here are the key takeaways on how smarter contracting is shaping the future of businesses.

1. It Centralizes Contracts

Centralizing contracts into a single repository enables organizations to manage them more efficiently. It’s not just about digitizing the paperwork but transforming the contracts into dynamic tools that drive business outcomes, improve savings, and manage risks effectively.

2. It Improves Collaboration and Transparency

Breaking down silos across departments ensures that contract terms align with business objectives, thereby enhancing transparency and trust inside and outside the organization. 

3. It Speeds Up the Contract Lifecycle

AI accelerates the contract lifecycle from drafting to execution, significantly reducing the turnaround time so teams can do more strategic work and improve customer relationships.

4. It Generates Insights for Strategic Decision-Making

AI doesn’t just help you manage contracts; it turns them into a source of strategic insights. By analyzing contract data, businesses can identify trends, performance metrics, and opportunities for improvement, informing better decision-making.

The Future of AI Contract Management

By leveraging AI, organizations can navigate the complexities of modern business landscapes more effectively. As we move forward, adopting such technologies will transform contracts from static documents into strategic assets that drive enterprise value creation.

When it comes to contract management, business teams have often historically “set it and forget it” — but a contract can be a vital source of business insight when managed well.