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Sirion CLM for

Public Sector

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Reimagining Public Contract Management with AI

Merging AI and CLM to rewrite the procurement playbook for UK government departments.

Key contracting
challenges for
public sector

Federal, state, local government bodies work with thousands of suppliers across tiers to procure goods and services for a range of public initiatives – from healthcare and infrastructure to defense and education. However, individual departments follow disparate contracting SOPs and may not have access to standardized templates to author contracts, which are then stored in offline fileservers or lost among emails. This restricts the government’s ability to ensure transparency and accountability against every taxpayer dollar spent, use past contracting data to power future negotiations, minimize compliance risk, avoid possible conflicts of interest, and realize maximum value from its contractual relationships.

"DfT's initiative for integrated management of contracts combines Sirion's technology with industry best practices."

Sarah Younghusband
Former Head of Contract Design and Management

Sirion CLM for public sector

In order to centralize and bring rigor to the contracting practice, government departments need to digitize their existing corpus of contracts, ensure compliance with contracting SOPs, leverage historical and benchmarking data to strengthen risk controls and power future negotiations. With Sirion in place, public sector can go one step further by mining their portfolio for intelligence to empower everyone to contract smarter, strengthen governance of existing agreements, and ensure absolute accountability and transparency for every tax dollar spent.

Simplify contract authoring, enable self-service contracting, and automate approvals using preapproved clause and template libraries with embedded regulatory controls and conditional workflows.

Track renewals, monitor risks, and uncover opportunities for cost savings and supplier consolidation through spend analytics.

Digitize existing contract portfolio and mine it for insights that can help drive future negotiations, inform repapering and amendment exercises, and keep supplier contracts aligned with regulatory changes.

Maintain visibility into and tight control over interdepartmental contractual obligations and the overall contracting chain through a bird’s eye view of internal and external supplier and subcontractor relationships.

Uncover risk elements buried deep within contracts, assess probable impact, and take corrective action using data-driven insights.

Gain complete visibility into the contract portfolio to ensure suppliers are complying with all necessary licensing requirements, environmental regulations, data protection standards such as GDPR, and more.

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