Sirion for

Supplier Management

Plug spend leakage while improving
performance and collaboration in
strategic supplier engagements.

Transform Supplier Management

Drive higher value in strategic supplier relationships through integrated post-signature governance.

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Connect teams across functional silos, monitor supplier performance against contractually expected outcomes and validate invoices to ensure you only pay for what has been delivered — all on a single, integrated platform.

Boost the Bottom Line

by plugging hard value leakage of 6-12% of ACV and reducing the cost of governance by up to 60%.

Ensure Better Business Outcomes

by validating supplier performance against contractual obligations and service levels.

Build Resilient Relationships

through improved trust, alignment and collaboration with your suppliers.

Sirion has improved supplier performance and service quality.

Angella Dikmic
IT Vendor Management

Feature Highlights

Sirion Advantage
Ensure Visibility
  • Digitize legacy contracts by extracting embedded metadata, clauses, obligations, rate cards, and more, and store them in a centralized, access-controlled repository.
  • Monitor upcoming renewal and expiration events with configurable alerts, notifications, and calendar entries.
  • Maintain a complete audit trail of contract changes and amendments and automatically refresh updated metadata and affected obligations.
Sirion Advantage
Manage Performance
  • Visually monitor performance against contracted terms for all types of obligations, milestones, deliverables, and policy and regulatory requirements.
  • Enable auto-validation of service levels against raw performance data.
  • Automate the computation of credit and earnbacks and cascade them down into invoices.
Sirion Advantage
Unlock the Full Value of Relationships
  • Automatically reconcile supplier invoices against the underlying contract data and performance/consumption data to resolve invoicing discrepancies and preemptively respond to issues and disputes. Watch Video
  • Analyze purchase trends to optimize supplier spend and highlight improvement areas.
  • Establish a common platform for counterparties to manage and analyze all key governance activities such as meetings, action items, issues, and claims/disputes.

The Intersection of
Contract and Supplier
Management: Why is it
Critical to Business Success