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Accountability for Sustainability: Weaving ESG into the Fabric of Contract Management

Watch this webinar to explore the importance of incorporating ESG standards into contracts and how AI-powered CLMs can enable organizations to institutionalize ESG across the enterprise. The webinar features experts from KPMG and Sirion. You can watch the webinar recording on this page and download the presentation slides here.

Around the world, enterprises are recognizing the connection between environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and long-term success. A company’s ability to align its values with a wide spectrum of socio-economic issues has become a key measure of its capacity for resiliency, sustainability, and long-term success.

As the focus has increased on integrating ESG considerations into enterprise CLM software has emerged as the most effective platform for aligning corporate priorities with the ESG framework. AI-powered CLM is a key driver of cross-departmental collaboration between legal, finance, procurement, supplier management and other areas instrumental in achieving corporate ESG goals.

In this webinar, we examine roadblocks to maintaining ESG compliance, and discuss how enterprise-grade CLM helps organizations integrate ESG across their supplier/partner/customer ecosystem to create a seamless, value-driven organization.

The webinar panel features Julien Irmen, Senior Manager- Consulting, KPMG Germany and Rahul Sharma, Regional Head – UK&I, D/A/CH & Nordics, Sirion.

Discover in this webinar

The importance of incorporating ESG standards into contracts

How a fragmented approach to ESG management can create obstacles across various departments

How AI-powered CLM enables organizations to institutionalize ESG across the enterprise


Julien Irmen

Senior Manager- Consulting

Rahul Sharma

Regional Head – UK&I, D/A/CH & Nordics