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Faster Contracts, Better Contracts: Eliminating the Friction Points in Contracting

Watch this webinar to discover the friction points across the contracting lifecycle and the role of CLM technology in driving business agility by addressing these friction points. The webinar features experts from Morgan Stanley, Vodafone, World Commerce & Contracting, and Sirion. You can watch the webinar recording on this page and also download the presentation slides here.

82% of commercial professionals say that increased organizational agility is a high priority*. For many, that means a need to operate at greater speed. But speed at the cost of quality is no good, so the real question is, how can we operate faster, while retaining – or even improving – the quality of our work?

To answer this question, we need to understand and address ‘friction points’ – the activities that create delay and require resources. Through extensive surveys and interviews, World Commerce & Contracting has mapped buy-side and sell-side friction points and explored how they vary between industries and types of contract.

In this webinar, you will discover the friction point ‘hot spots’ in the contracting lifecycle, distinguishing those that bring value, versus those that represent cost. You will also gain insight to how AI-powered CLM technology is helping organizations forge ahead on their agility agenda by addressing these friction points. The webinar will also introduce the ‘Friction Point Index’ – a joint venture between World Commerce & Contracting and market-leading CLM provider Sirion – to help organizations assess their friction score against industry benchmarks.

The panel for this exciting webinar features Detlef Schultz, Chairman of the Board, Vodafone Procurement Company and Paul Means, Vice President, Morgan Stanley alongside Tim Cummins, President, World Commerce & Contracting and Ajay Agrawal, Founder and CEO, Sirion.

*World Commerce & Contracting Agility Survey, October 2020

Discover in this webinar

Discover the friction point ‘hot spots’ in the contracting lifecycle

Explore the role of AI and ML in managing these friction points effectively

Get an exclusive preview of the ‘Friction Point Index’ – jointly designed by WorldCC and Sirion


Paul Means

Vice President

Morgan Stanley

Detlef Schultz

Chairman of the Board

Vodafone Procurement Company

Tim Cummins


World Commerce & Contracting

Ajay Agrawal

Founder and CEO