Feature Highlights for Contract Repository

Sirion Advantage
Enterprise-wide Contract Repository

Single source of truth for all enterprise functions (finance, legal, procurement, sales, etc.) with seamless integrations into the enterprise tech stack across siloed systems such as P2P, ERP, CRM.

Sirion Advantage
Accessible, Yet Secure

AWS-hosted secure storage with granular access control and detailed audit trail to prevent unauthorized access.

Sirion Advantage
Intuitive Search

Hierarchical visual document tree and an integrated document viewer with advanced full-text, metadata and clause-level search capabilities.

Sirion Advantage
Analytics and Reporting

Wide range of standard and configurable dashboards to identify, track, and manage contractual risk by analyzing and flagging missing contract elements and outliers.

Sirion Advantage
Effective Administration

Comprehensive contract change management with robust version control and configurable alerts and notifications to monitor upcoming renewals and expirations.

Smart applications to accelerate your contract lifecycle management journey


An intelligent foundation for your contracting processes


Use AI to unlock the intelligence hidden in contracts

Authoring and

Create stronger contracts, faster than ever before


Align performance to contractual obligations

Dashboards and

Drive business outcomes with actionable insights