Make Contract Administration Collaborative

Work closely with suppliers and customers, keep everyone on the same page about expectations and outcomes, and strengthen relationships that drive your business forward.

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Fewer disputes


Lower cost of contract governance


Faster issue resolution
Experience a 60% faster contract review cycle

Experience a 60% faster contract review cycle

“As part of our contract digitization program, we didn’t want to stop at just putting our contracts in the cloud. We wanted complete visibility and control over the deliverables and obligations in our contracts. We found the perfect answer in Sirion.”

Sabih Rozales, Principal Commercial Contract Manager

“All our contracts are established and maintained in Sirion, a fit-for-purpose CLM solution. Today, we manage all our regulatory requirements, adapt smartly to banking changes and leverage rich insights for real-time reporting, through Sirion.”

Edzard Janssen, Chief Procurement Officer

“Some of the biggest highlights of working with Sirion for me have been watching how the technology has changed over time. And how it gets better and better every single time new functionality is released.”

Jaclyn Schuler, Director of Contract Lifecycle Management

“Sirion’s industry-leading AI technology offers significant advances giving instant access to critical data, automating non-value-added tasks, and driving behaviors that result in better contracting outcomes with third-party relationships.”

Toby Yu, Contract Management Services Leader

Build Relationships Beyond Signature

Bring rigor to how you manage relationships. With Sirion, set up a common platform to conduct governance meetings and use data-driven insights to resolve issues and disputes, take action, settle claims, and more.


Get everybody on the same page.

  • Use AI to extract and centralize contracts to enable governance forums to access contract data anytime, anywhere.
  • Create a complete list of governance forums, their meeting schedules, meeting notes, issues, and more.
  • Escalate unresolved issues to a higher-level stakeholder or governance forum.


Work together to build stronger relationships.

  • Predictively model potential areas of underperformance or opportunities for optimization, guiding continuous improvement during meetings.
  • Capture, classify, assign, track, and report on issues and disputes until closure.
  • Create a complete audit trail for every issue and action that can be traced to its source, whether it is a supplier, customer, or obligation.


Keep everything that matters on your radar.

  • Manage audits and monitor the progress of all remediation items.
  • Stay on top of governance tasks with an integrated calendar, automated alerts and email notifications, to-do lists, and an escalation matrix.
  • Use conversational AI to generate role-based dashboards and reports on governance processes and relationship health.

The Future of CLM With Generative AI


Explainable AI with every response cited to precedent in your own contract data.


Quick time to value with right-sized, pre-trained models fine-tuned in an intuitive AI studio.


Your data is isolated to your own environment, never sent to external large language models or used for training.