Deconstructing the Contract: The Value of Generative AI

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What’s Inside?

Every element in a contract is interconnected. And every contract in your organization exists within a contract ecosystem in your repository. This living and dynamic nature of contracts can be an incredible source of business value. Generative AI is enhancing the structure and efficacy of contracts, giving enterprises the precision and automation they need to speed up and strengthen business operations. This report delves into the elements and construction of contracts. You’ll see how understanding them is necessary to build the foundation from which GenAI will revolutionize how we author, execute, store, and analyze business agreements.
You’ll learn about:
  • The Dynamic Role of Contracts in Business – How contracts are the often-overlooked backbone of business operations as an untapped source of business health data.
  • Each Interconnected Contract Element – Explore the complex web of relationships within a contract and the impact of these elements in executing a holistic GenAI strategy.
  • AI’s Relationship to Contracts – How AI, particularly GenAI, understands and leverages each contractual element for improved efficiency and effectiveness.
  • The Truth About GenAI – What it can and can’t do, and how it differs from what AI has already proven itself capable of in a CLM.

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