Manage Revenue Risk with Next-Gen Contract Management

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Webinar Overview

Contract management systems have long helped accelerate deals, manage renewals, and mitigate contract risk. Today, all of that is only table stakes. Enterprises have moved beyond these basics to use contract lifecycle management (CLM) tools to also plug revenue leakage, optimize future contracts based on contracting data, and improve customer relationships. Watch this webinar to learn how organizations create a competitive advantage through next-gen CLM technology. 

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Manage Revenue Risk with Next-Gen Contract Management


Scott Quinn

VP – Customer Success, Sirion

Claire Cunningham

AVP – Solution Consulting, Sirion

The Highlights

Managing revenue and contract risks requires a strategic approach to contract management. This webinar taught us how to leverage CLM to tackle these challenges, especially when AI runs in the background. 

Here’s a sneak peek into our conversation and key takeaways.

Automate for Efficiency

Automation is key in reducing manual errors and increasing the speed of contract lifecycle processes. By adopting AI-powered contract management tools, businesses can streamline workflows, from contract creation to renewal, ensuring compliance and timely execution.

Enhance Collaboration Across Departments

Effective contract management requires seamless collaboration between legal, finance, sales, and IT departments. A centralized contract management platform facilitates this by providing a single source of truth, improving communication, and enabling better decision-making.

Leverage AI for Risk Analysis and Compliance

AI does much more than automate simple tasks. AI can extract important contract data to help businesses identify potential risks and compliance issues within contracts. By pulling from historical data across contracts, AI can predict outcomes and suggest optimal negotiation strategies, ensuring contracts align with business goals and regulatory requirements.

Adopt Scalable Solutions for Growth

Contract management processes and capabilities need to evolve and grow with a business. Adopting scalable, cloud-based contract management solutions ensures the system grows with the business, accommodating more contracts, users, and complex workflows without compromising performance or security.

Contract Risk Mitigation With AI

Embracing next-gen contract management solutions is crucial for businesses looking to manage revenue risk effectively. By automating processes, enhancing collaboration, leveraging AI, improving visibility through analytics, and adopting scalable solutions, companies can mitigate risks and uncover opportunities for growth and efficiency.

Learn more about contract risk and how a CLM helps even the largest enterprises manage it with ease.

When it comes to contract management, business teams have often historically “set it and forget it” — but a contract can be a vital source of business insight when managed well.

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