Sirion Named a Leader in the
2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant
for Contract Life Cycle Management.

Sirion CLM

The simpler, smarter way to manage
all your contracts.

Ink To Innovation: How AI Is Transforming Enterprise Contracting

Understand AI’s risks, rewards, and how to leverage it to create, execute, and better manage your contracts.

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One platform for your complete contract
lifecycle management journey

Sirion is the foundation of smarter contracting. Digitize and streamline all phases of the contract lifecycle for sales, procurement, and all other enterprise contracts on an integrated, AI-powered platform.

Create a single source of truth and connect all enterprise teams through real-time contract intelligence enabling unprecedented confidence and collaboration across the contracting lifecycle.

Better Business Outcomes

Bridge functional silos, integrate all stages of the contract lifecycle, and unlock the true value of your business relationships.

Enhanced Visibility

Facilitate easy, anytime access to contracts and the business insights contained in them through an access-controlled, cloud repository.

Reduced Risk Exposure

Mitigate risk at every step—from ensuring compliance with the approved contracting process and terms to monitoring post-execution obligation fulfillment.

Smart applications to accelerate your contract lifecycle management journey


Contract Setup

Configure an intelligent, enterprise-grade foundation for your contracting processes.

  • Prebuilt integration adaptors for ERP, CRM, and other third-party enterprise systems.
  • Enable anytime-anywhere access with an access-controlled cloud repository.
  • Minimize risk through a standardized contracting playbook.

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Contract Analytics

Harness the power of AI to rapidly digitize and extract intelligence from contracts.

  • Digitize contracts and extract embedded data using Sirion’s AI.
  • Minimize risk by analyzing extracted contract data and flagging outliers.
  • Respond faster to business events with out-of-the-box analytics for M&A, LIBOR transition, regulatory changes, disaster recovery, and more.

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Authoring and Negotiation

Create stronger contracts, faster than ever before.

  • Enable self-service contracting with a document assembly wizard and pre-built templates.
  • Simplify legal review with Sirion’s AI highlighting missing clauses and deviations from preferred positions.
  • Leverage retrospective contract and performance intelligence to inform ongoing and future negotiations.

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Sirion differentiates in its use of industry benchmarks and historical contract information and performance to improve the authoring process, enabling the creation of stronger and better-informed contracts.


Obligation Management

Align performance to what’s promised in the contract.

  • Visually monitor performance against contracted milestones, deliverables and more.
  • Track financial impact of obligation performance including payments and penalties.
  • Gain insights into bottlenecks, aging and cycle times, and generate reports on rejected and overdue obligations.

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Dashboards and

Drive business outcomes with actionable insights.

  • Simplify reporting with hundreds of pre-configured dashboards and rich visualizations.
  • Leverage out-of-the-box analytics and dashboards for use cases such as M&A, procurement, legal, sales, and more.
  • Retrieve analytical insights using natural language queries.

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Advanced automation and intelligence delivered through
an architecture designed for scale and security

Intelligence Everywhere

Let Sirion's AI digitize and analyze legacy contracts to harvest intelligence that you can use to automate legal draft review, discover hidden risk, negotiate better deals, and manage contract performance.

Absolute Transparency

Leverage Sirion as a front-end collaboration platform that uses a shared ledger architecture to connect and align all stakeholders, drive transparency, and enhance trust.

Designed for Adoption

Ensure rapid user adoption through an intuitively designed UI and plugins that enable teams to connect and collaborate with tools that they already use, including MS Office, and leading P2P, ERP, and CRM systems.

No-Code Configuration

Enable users to quickly configure workflows, forms, dashboards, plus extraction logic for the AI engine - all without any need for custom coding.

Accelerated Deployment

Accelerate your transformation journey and go live in weeks with touchless deployment, smart tools, proven implementation processes, and dedicated ongoing support.

Secure and Scalable

Securely host contract data on a public cloud with best-in-class encryption, maintain full ownership of data with private encryption keys, and implement granular access control to ensure that only authorized users can view and manage contracts at different levels.


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