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Digital Transformation of Commercial Contract Management: The Vodafone Story

Webinar featuring Vodafone and WorldCC.

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In the past half decade, the telecom industry has witnessed consumer preference shift remarkably quickly. Data-first products are rapidly replacing conventional voice services, prompting telecom businesses around the world to innovate and diversify their offerings portfolio. As a result, the mix of supplier partners and customers they typically tend to work with has grown, both in terms of size and complexity. Managing this sprawling network of buy- and sell-side relationships, along with their many contractual moving parts – such as multiple currencies, varying financial and performance terms, different tax laws, and numerous regulatory requirements— in a unified manner is challenging to say the least.

"Sirion has made our complete contract lifecycle smarter. From intelligent authoring and collaboration, to controlling risk and managing vendor performance - our business is stronger as a result."

Head of Digital Supply Chain & Operations

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In a hypercompetitive business environment, the key to survival for telecom companies is to sustain growth by constantly innovating and delighting customers. This, however, would not be possible if enterprises continue to invest their financial and human capital to manage a fragmented commercial contracting process and supplier network, which are essential for ensuring delivery excellence.

With Sirion, telecom businesses can collaborate with stakeholders across the value chain – such as suppliers, customers, government agencies, and other intermediaries – on a single platform that helps them contract smarter, ensure alignment between commitments (contracted terms) and delivery (performance), lower costs, and minimize compliance issues.

Gain complete visibility into the contract portfolio to ensure compliance with licensing requirements, market-specific communication and broadcast laws, ISO standards, data protection guidelines such as GDPR, and more.

Uncover risk elements buried deep within contracts, assess probable impact, and take corrective action using data-driven insights.

Enable intelligent self-service contracting to quickly generate sales, procurement, and other types of contracts, author service catalogues and rate cards, accelerate customer and supplier onboarding, and ensure better business outcomes.

Leverage contract intelligence to inform repapering and amendment exercises and keep contractual terms tightly aligned with evolving regulatory, operational, and delivery requirements.

Maintain visibility into and tight control over the contracting chain through a bird’s eye view of supplier and subcontractor relationships.

Monitor all buy- and sell-side contractual obligations, service levels, milestones, renewal and expirations dates, and more through a single pane of glass.

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