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How AI is Helping Reimagine Contract Authoring

Watch this webinar to discover how AI-powered CLMs are enabling organizations to reimagine the contract authoring process to make things simpler, smarter while improving compliance and reducing risk. The webinar features experts from National Life Group, WorldCC and Sirion. You can watch the webinar recording on this page and download the presentation slides here.

For many organizations, contract authoring continues to be a time-consuming, resource-intensive, risk-laden process. Whether it’s cumbersome intake, non-compliant drafting on third-party paper, error-prone manual negotiations, slow approvals or physical signatures, there are many hurdles to efficient contract authoring.

Given the advancements in AI-powered contracting technology, this doesn’t have to be the case anymore!

AI-powered CLMs are transforming the authoring process with cutting-edge features for everything from raising requests, drafting, redlining & legal review of third-party paper, negotiation, approval and analytics. Organizations can transition from a manual high-touch contract authoring process to low-touch AI-led authoring automation, making things simpler, smarter while improving compliance and reducing risk.

Watch this webinar to discover best practices, hear first-hand from customers about the business impact of using AI-powered contracting technology, as well as see a demonstration of Sirion’s AI-led CLM. Webinar panelists include Lindsay Staples, Senior Manager – Legal Operations and Paralegal Services at National Life Group, Paul Branch, Chief Networking Officer at WorldCC, and Hiro Notaney, Chief Marketing Officer at Sirion.

Discover in this webinar

How AI is simplifying and automating contract authoring

Business benefits organizations can realize by leveraging AI-driven authoring

Sirion’s AI-powered CLM in action


Lindsay Staples

National Life Group
Senior Manager – Legal Operations and Paralegal Services

Paul Branch

Chief Networking Officer

Hiro Notaney

Chief Marketing Officer