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The Intersection of Contract and Supplier Management: Why is it Critical to Business Success

Watch this webinar to discover how the ability to merge contract and supplier management promises to be the next big frontier for enterprise transformation. You can watch the webinar recording on this page and also download the presentation slides here.

Contract management today primarily focuses on defining the contractual terms of a supplier engagement. Supplier management, on the other hand, focuses on monitoring supplier risk and organizational information. Unfortunately, neither focuses on ensuring that the engagement delivers the value promised in the contract. This has significant implications in terms of value leakage, poor business outcomes, compliance failures, etc. This technological and organizational blind spot between the two disciplines literally holds billions of dollars in unrealized value.

The webinar panel features Jon Edwards, Director, EY Technology and Paul Branch, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer, IACCM alongside Ajay Agrawal, Founder and Chairman, Sirion.

Discover in this webinar

Key gaps in traditional contract and supplier management approaches

How technology is bringing the two disciplines together

How enterprises can unlock the value hidden at the intersection of contract and supplier management


Jon Edwards

Director, EY Technology,


Paul Branch

Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer,


Ajay Agrawal

Founder and CEO,